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Keith Galbraith’s passion for beer had early beginnings. Raised in Hamilton (until he was old enough to escape), he remembers well the smell that used to drift across the river from the brew kettles of the old Waikato Brewery not far from the family home.

All these years later the aroma of mashing grains takes me straight back to 1960s Hamilton – smell is the most evocative of all the senses.

Keith opened his eponymous alehouse in 1995 with the heart-felt desire to reintroduce real ale – the beer of our forebears – to New Zealand. With the introduction of modern techniques around the 1930s, traditional, old-world brewing was pretty much done away with.

In the wake, mass-produced, mass-appeal beer became the norm, leaving a bitter taste in the mouth of Keith Galbraith.

Having worked in New Zealand’s wine industry during its infancy, he could see that beer would similarly evolve to a new and dynamic level. A renaissance man who appreciates a quality beer, Keith set out to make the best ale he could and share it with New Zealanders. “I wanted to be able to put my hand on my heart and say this is the best beer I can put in a glass and the best pub food we can put on a plate” says Keith.

The result is Galbraith’s, a proudly independent traditional English-style pub serving unique European-inspired ales hand crafted with authentic, natural ingredients.

Our Beer Philosophy

We believe beer is as interesting and varied as wine. The problem is that mass-market beer has dumbed down the palate with uniform, generic flavours.

Like wine, beer is influenced by the soil and climate in which its raw materials are grown – this is why Keith Galbraith brings a winemaker’s approach to beer making, using old-world techniques to recreate old-style flavours in an entirely authentic manner.

By applying the concept of ‘terroir’ – the unique characteristics of a certain place – the taste profile of a beer’s origins are retained. To ensure that integrity, our brewers source ingredients from a beer’s place of origin. We don’t use preservatives, chemicals or artificial ingredients of any kind. We are in contact with our beer throughout every part of the process and know each batch intimately.

By returning brewing to a hand-crafted art form, we take it a world away from mass-produced, uniform beer.

The result is truly unique, with every batch boasting its own individual character and elevating beer to the level of food and wine in terms of connoisseurship.

With complete transparency over the on-site process, customers can learn more about brewing and the ever-evolving world of boutique beers from our master brewers.

The Ingredients

Malt and Hops

We personally know our malt and hops suppliers and these relationships ensure we have the best ingredients money can buy. All malts and hops are selected by Keith and shipped to our warehouse in Auckland. From farm to pint, we have complete control over our brewing and can trace the origin of every pint we sell.

We source all our malts from three traditional floor malting companies, two of which are in England and one in the Czech Republic. We have the only Government-approved licence in New Zealand for the importation of whole hops. We firmly believe the pellet versions others use lack the aromas and flavours that are lost during the pellet-making process. Our UK-based hop merchant ensures we get the best aroma and buttering hops each season, sourcing our requirements from specific growers in the UK, mainland Europe and the USA.


All our beers are made with different yeast strains in order to give a distinct and unique profile to each individual beer. We have sourced yeasts from many of the world’s old breweries.


Luckily, Auckland water is soft, which means it has very low mineral content. The brewing water we use is purified and then mineralized so that we can copy the water profile of the region from which the beer originates. Water plays a big part in the final product and we profile the waters of Pilsen, Munich, Dublin, Burton-on-Trent and Edinburgh – to name a few.

We are in contact with our beer throughout every part of the process and know each batch intimately.

Keith Galbraith

The Alehouse

Comfortably lived in and loved, a visit to the alehouse is an experience in authenticity and atmosphere. Galbraith’s has always called the heritage building on Mt Eden Road home and it’s filled with collectables that nod to the past.

The foundation stone for the building was laid in 1912 by Auckland’s mayor Christopher James Parr and it was opened as a library in 1913. Designed by architect Edward Bartley, the man responsible for a number of Auckland landmarks, the building is protected by the Historic Places Trust.

At the heart of Galbraith’s beers, the alehouse provides an engaging destination to enjoy good company, quality pub food and explore craft beer. Word has travelled far about the iconic pub and international travellers seek it out for a quality beer experience away from home. As for many New Zealanders, Galbraith’s is the reason they visit Auckland.

With staff as passionate about the beer as the punters, there’s plenty of knowledge and information on tap to guide you through the dozens of beers, as well as the carefully sourced wines and spirits.


We employ qualified chefs to craft our food, not short order cooks. Everything is cooked to order and purchased fresh each day or sourced from our own organic garden at the back of the pub.

The kitchen serves food all day, which can be enjoyed in the spacious bar with its high-vaulted ceilings, or outside in the beer garden. The outdoor fireplace keeps winter cosy and the deck is ideal for summer lounging. There are vegetarian and gluten-free options and a children’s menu.

Galbraiths Brewery

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